Good Afternoon,

I wanted to thank you for making a top quality product. I love it, my friends all love it when they see it, and my husband loves it because I have a place to put ALL my stuff. This was one of the best investments we ever made. I will have my Creation Station for a life time! Scrapbooking supplies may come and go and my style may change, but all I need to do is rearrange my Station and everything is at my fingertips. It was easy to assemble and easy to move. After several months we moved it from our smallest bedroom (12 x 10) to our largest bedroom, which has become the scrap room and study. I use my Creation Station every day and I’d be lost without it. Thanks again for designing such a fantastic work area. It is more than just a desk. It is a haven for creativity.

Kathy Jo

Wheeling, IL


Thank you so much for the KeepSake cabinet, the past few months using have just been awesome. Before the cabinet, I had craft “stuff” crammed in 3 different closets in my house. Now it’s all neatly organized and accessible in the cabinet. Some of it actually gets used now!




I have had my oak cabinet for a year and a half and added an additional cart underneath last year. I have just about outgrown it but it is truly the absolute best cabinet. I love it. I was just sitting here thinking about it today. This sit he first rather expensive item I have ever purchased for just myself and definitely the only furniture that is for my sole use. Like I said, I have had it for a year and a half and the newness for hasn’t worn off. I love it. I love to just open it up and look at how organized my things are. Now I can scrapbook because I have room. Before my dining room table looked like the one in the picture and I found myself not scrapbooking because as soon as I would pull it all out and barely do anything I would have to put it away for dinner. Now I scrapbook when I want to and am able to keep things organized. I really love it! Thanks for coming up with something so beautiful and helpful.


Floyds Knobbs, Indiana


I purchased the armoire at your Pomona show. It is so wonderful, the best thing ever…I get so much more done than ever before. It held much more than I ever imagined. Thanks for creating it



Got the cabinet for a birthday present and love it! Thank you to whomever designed it. I am a Creative Memories Consultant and it has a place for both my personal scrapbooking supplies and my business files needed. Thank you!




I love my Creation Station. It is really unique.


San Diego, CA


We just finished putting together my new KeepsSske Creation Station! It’s beautiful. My husband had his doubts about what the quality would be like but I knew it would be awesome. We were both impressed with the quality when we received it. It’s like having my own little scrapbook store in my living room! I didn’t know I had so many supplies because they were all hidden in boxes and drawers. Now everything is out and in plain view! It’s beautiful enough to have in our living room which means I can comfortably scrapbook while my husband watches TV or reads. Thank you for such a wonderful product.


Fort Walton Beach, Florida

I am wild about my cabinet. Everything is at my fingertips. My supplies are always in sight and organized. It takes just a second to get to work or clean up after scrapping. Assembly was not difficult with the great video. Customer service is EXCELLENT! I have recommended it to my message board and all my scrapping friends. Thanks for a great product!


Tulsa, Oklahoma


Hi. I purchased the cabinet and received it 3 weeks ago tomorrow. And I was just calling to say this is the most WONDERFUL thing. I wish I would have gotten it a long time ago, but I guess I really appreciate it now. It is fantastic. It exceeded my expectations, which is what I guess you thought would happen. I’ve got several people here in Sulpher Springs who are looking at it. I just wanted to tell you thank you and I love it.


Suulpher Springs, Texas

(transcribed from phone message)

Thank you so much for a wonderful scrapbook desk!! I purchased my unit over a year ago and absolutely love it!


Stanton, Michigan


I’ve had my Creation Station for several years. It was a big monetary investment, but I definitely think it’s been worth it. I thoroughly enjoy it. As a full-time working Mom of young children, I find this is one of the few things I’ve done for myself and that allows me to do something I enjoy. It’s great to have all of your supplies together! I also really enjoy the pull-out work area. That way if I have to quit before I’m done with a layout, it’s no problem - I just push it in to keep it safe and come back some other time or even some other day, actually, sometimes it may be another week or more! I don’t have room in my house for a “craft room” so my Station is in my master bedroom. I feel like my Creation Station is my own secret craft room hidden away in a lovely cabinet!


Plano, Texas

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