What is wood veneer?

Wood veneer products are the most efficient and beautiful way of using real wood in furniture. A veneer is a thin piece of real hardwood laminated to a core product (MDF). This method of lamination provides consistency in wood grain appearance. Veneers are also superior in that they do not expand and contract as wood dries and ages. To sum it all up, a veneer surface provides all the beauty of joined solid wood with out the cost, weight, and flaws often associated with it.

What is “melamine”?

“Melamine” is a man made, hard “formica” type material which, in this case, is laminated to a core product (MDF). One of the benefits of melamine is that it provides a hard, non-porous surface that is easy to wipe clean. With wood grain melamine, the laminate is made to look like a true wood grain. We offer a high quality plain white melamine in our Creation Station, Carts, and Stacks lines and a maple wood grain melamine in the Creation Station and Carts.

Do I have to assemble the furniture?

Yes. Shipping is accomplished much easier this way. The process is quite easy and it is very sturdy in it’s assembled state. If it becomes necessary to move, the cabinet is easily disassembled for easy and safe transport.

How long will it take, and what will I need to assemble the KeepsSake Creation Station and rolling cart?

Assembly takes about 2-3 hours including the time it takes to watch the DVD provided which gives step by step instructions and demonstration of the assembly process. You will also receive drawings of each piece defining which part of the cabinet it belongs to and where the hardware goes. All the holes are pre-drilled, ready for hardware installation, and all the hardware you will need is provided.
The cabinet is built on a cam system, and it only takes a ¼ turn of the cam over the cam pin to lock the pieces together. You will need a screw driver, hammer or rubber mallet, and most preferably an assistant.

Can’t I just buy a computer cabinet and get the same results?

Not really. We developed the KeepsSake Creation Station to do much more that an ordinary computer cabinet. Here are some of the defining differences:

Door Storage for supplies The KeepsSake Creation Station gives you the ability to store supplies right at your fingertips. To accomplish this our doors are solid hardwood, we use 3 heavy duty hinges on each to carry the weight of the supplies, and we have a slatwall system that we call “caboodle walls”. This system is totally customizable; the supplies you use most can be closest to you.

12”x12” paper storage You won’t find that in a standard computer cabinet.
The carts hold 12”x12” paper and Cropper Hopper oversized hanging file folders, too. The cabinet shelves and the rolling carts (either variety) can store 12x12 vertical paper holders also.

Working surface area The KeepsSake Creation Station has 2-3 times more work surface than a standard computer cabinet. The roll-out desk, the main desk area, and the top surface of the standard rolling cart add up to 12 ½ square feet of working surface for you to spread out all your supplies.

Materials and construction Unlike the pressboard material used in most computer cabinets, the KeepsSake Creation Station is built to last with the use of solid hardwood and hardwood veneers.

Roll-away desk and carts When you are done working, everything just rolls right back inside. You can leave your work out on the roll-away desk, eliminating the need to clean up, and come back to your projects right where you left off.

Lighted work surface The KeepsSake Creation Station has a well lighted work surface from the 50 watt Halogen overhead lamp. With the roll-out desk extended, you sit out into your room where overhead and natural lighting can also help further illuminate your projects (and you won’t feel claustrophobic).


Can I put a computer in it?

Yes. Most monitors will fit in the upper desk area. The back of the upper cabinet is constructed of a solid wood product and does not have any predrilled holes in it to accommodate the cords; but, it can easily be drilled to allow for the cords to go out the back of the cabinet. (Or better yet, go wireless!) Many customers have put computers in their cabinets.

Can I put my sewing machine in it?

Yes. Sewing machines can be stored in the upper level of the cabinet and operated either on the main desk or the roll-out desk surface. It’s a great way to have quick access, neat storage, and adequate work space for your sewing machine and other crafting tools and supplies.

Will it hold 12” x 12” binders?

Yes, indeed. All of the shelves are a full 12” deep and easily accommodate the oversized binders of our industry. There is clearance built in to the upper cabinet to allow for variation in product storage needs.

Can I set eyelets on the roll-out desk?

Yes. The roll-out desk is very sturdy and solid to withstand the rigorous task of eyelet setting, punching, etc. The Standard Cart is also a nice piece to roll out to your side and have a designated spot for doing eyelets.

What and where is the “Oversize Storage”

In the very back of the lower part of the KeepsSake Creation Station there is a narrow shelf, or bin, that provides a great place to store all those bigger things like large paper trimmers, light boxes, poster board, cutting mats, etc. It is 3” deep and has a lip all along the front edge to keep things contained.

Can I use the STACKS with my KeepsSake Creation Station?

Yes. STACKS were designed to be a complimentary system to the KeepsSake Creation Station. They come in all the same finishes, are available with the same deluxe raised panel look, and can nestle right up next to the cabinet since they are the same height as the main desktop. STACKS are a great way to expand your storage capacity and capabilities if you should run out of room in your cabinet. Many customers have started with a KeepsSake Creation Station and added on later with STACKS.


Which cart is best?

Each cart has its own unique advantages. When ordering a KeepsSake Creation Station you have your choice of an open top or standard rolling cart. The carts were designed mainly for paper storage, but they can easily be used to store a variety of miscellaneous supplies.

The Open Top Cart is the most popular cart because it allows direct access to paper or other items from the top. It has file rails attached to the top edges of the deep storage well that will accommodate both legal and 12”x12” hanging file folders. Also, both 8 ½” x 11” and 12”x12” paper can be stored loose or in vertical paper holders within the well. There is a compartment below the upper section which is open from the front for additional storage. This cart is very versatile and allows easy and direct access to and viewing of paper/supplies.

The Standard Cart has a stationary top that serves as another work surface when the cart is rolled out to your side. Both 8 ½”x11” and 12”x12” paper can be stored (in hanging files, vertical paper holders, or loose) and accessed from the lower compartment. It will hang legal files on the rails that come attached to the front and back edges of the storage compartment. An additional file rail can be purchased and attached above the provided rail if you should want to hang 12”x12” hanging file folders.

The Drawer Cart comes in handy for storing all the misc. little things we crafters use. It has 2 small ( 2 ½” deep) and 2 medium (4” deep) metal sided drawers that roll out smoothly to access your supplies. It is the same size dimensionally as the other 2 carts and fits in the lower part of the cabinet as well. It is a great addition to your Creation Station.

Do the carts roll into the bottom part of the cabinet?

Yes. The carts store nicely inside the lower part of the cabinet. They can be rolled out to your side while working on a project; or, they may be left underneath when you open the cabinet and utilize the main desk or roll-out desk as they will not be in the way of either your standing or sitting at your workstation.

Can 2 carts fit in the lower part of the cabinet?

Yes! This is a great way to maximize your paper and supply storage. Any combination of the 3 available carts will work. Also, most to-go wheeled cases can fit in this space and thus be stored out of sight and ready for quick access.

How much paper can I put in a cart?

Approximately 100 sheets of cardstock for each 1” of storage space

12” x 12” paper: up to approx. 1750 sheets of cardstock
8 ½” x 11” paper: up to approx. 3000 sheets of cardstock

How many Hanging File Folders will fit in a cart?

Six (6) empty hanging file folders take up 1” of storage space. How many you will need depends on how much paper product you put in each one. There is 17 ½” of storage space available from side to side in a cart.


What is the difference between “Basic Body” and “Designer Deluxe”?

The difference is in the construction and the look of the drawer fronts. With the “Basic Body”, the drawer fronts are made of wood veneer or white melamine. The faces are flat and the edges are square and banded with an edge banding. The “Designer Deluxe” drawer fronts are solid wood and have sculptured, curved edges. The large file drawer fronts of the designer line have a raised panel. White STACKS in the designer line have the same edge and raised panel features but are made of MDF and painted with a soft sheen white finish.

Why are there 2 different depths—19” and 24”?

We love options! Having options opens up all sorts of possibilities and covers all the angles. With us you can store it all! Our goal is to try to accommodate any number of given conditions and needs that our customers are working with in their own home environments, and that can be anything from a closet, to an attic, to a whole room or no room.

We want to be your choice, so we give you choices!

The 24” STACKS are sized to fit a standard depth counter top. They offer more storage capacity than any other modular storage system on the market.

The 19” STACKS are great for the smaller space or to stack on top of each other for a tall unit. They can also be used with a counter top.

Do you sell the countertop, too?

No. We do not sell the countertop as you see pictured. Once again, everyone’s situations are a little different (size needed, color, etc.). Shipping and packaging would be difficult at best. So, visit your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, or local countertop/cabinet store to select the size and color best suited to your needs.

How much paper will fit in a file drawer?

Approximately 100 sheets of cardstock for each 1” of storage space

The 19” STACK file drawer -- 15” of storage space from front to back approximately 1500 sheets of cardstock

The 24” STACK file drawer – 21” of storage space from front to back approximately 2100 sheets of cardstock

How many file folders will fit in a file drawer?

Six (6) empty hanging file folders take up 1” of storage space. How many fit will depend on how much paper product you put in each folder. See above for drawer storage capacity.

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